IKEA will buy back old furniture that you have

We probably all have something from IKEA laying around in a corner in our house, if you think something has been there for a bit too or you just want to spruce up your current furniture, then this deal is for you! There is no longer a need to worrying about having to sell your ikea furniture.

The swedish brand has now updated a new page on their site to allow customers to enter the name of an IKEA product that they have in their house and instantly get a quote on how much they will be able to give you for it – This comes as IKEA is moving into increasing their sustainability as a brand.

Products that are accepted in the offer:

  • All dressers, office drawer cabinets, small structures with drawers, display storage, sideboards
  • Bookcases and shelf units
  • Small tables
  • Multimedia furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Dining tables and desks
  • Chairs and stools (excl upholstered or leather chairs and stools)
  • Chest of drawers
  • Children’s products (excluding Baby products as below)
  • PAX accessories

Products that are NOT accepted in the offer:

  • Non-IKEA products
  • Hacked or modified products
  • Non-assembled IKEA products
  • Products that have been used outside including outdoor furniture
  • Mattresses & Bed Textiles (such as Blankets and Mattress toppers)
  • Sofas / armchairs
  • Other soft good (pillows, towels, curtains etc.)
  • Items containing glass
  • Kitchens including worktops, cabinets and fronts
  • PAX Wardrobes
  • Other over-sized items
  • Appliances and other electrical items
  • Baby products such as cots, mattresses and changing tables
  • Upholstered or leather products
  • Market hall products
  • Non-furniture items

How much will IKEA buy back my item for?

The pricing structure is currently based on how used your item is, if you’ve kept it in perfectly good knick, then you should be eligible for 50% of the original price back, but the final judgement is all based on what the IKEA staff member thinks of it!

  • As new – no scratches: 50% of the original price
  • Very good – minor scratches: 40% of original price
  • Well-used – several scratches: 30% of original price

So how much is my IKEA item worth?

To get started, simply visit the IKEA ‘Buy Back Estimator Tool’ and begin your search

Once you’ve found the item you are looking for, you will be asked to input how used you think the item is

And that’s it!

All you need to do is make a note of the QR code / number, take the item to IKEA (Assmbled, unmodified and clean) and you’ll get your IKEA refund card given to you! Enjoy.