The guide to buying a cheap Dyson AirWrap, Vacuum or Fan!

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Products such as the Dyson AirWrap and Supersonic Hair Dryer have recently taken the internet by storm however with the Airwrap retailing at £479.99 and supersonic Hair Dryer retailing at £399.99 – these products don’t come cheap!

Sometimes products like these can get sent with a damaged box, end up being faulty or have imperfections. If these are returned and purchased directly through Dyson, they get sent through the ‘Dyson Renewed’ process. During this time, experts inspect, clean and test the products and renew them with genuine parts. These are then quality checked and are fit to be sold as refurbished product!

We highly recommend purchasing these products through this route as you will save a lot of money and get a like-new product anyway! If for whatever reason you aren’t happy with the quality or product in general, you can return refurbished products through the normal routes and order another!

How do you get a discount on the Dyson Airwrap?

We recommend making use of the Dyson renewed program and taking advantage of the standard of quality that Dyson refurbish their products to.

Dyson have 2 main outlets for their refurbished product, the Dyson website and their Dyson outlet eBay account.

We recommend you compare both sites as we have found that the product selection can vary on both. The eBay is also known to have frequent discount codes that work on most Dyson outlet products.

Both sites have the same 1 year guarantee direct from Dyson however the Dyson website allows you to return your product within 35 days instead of the 30 that eBay provide.

  1. Check both sites to compare prices (eBay is typically better)
  2. Check if there is currently a Dyson eBay code live
  3. Check if there is an official eBay code live
  4. If 2 & 3 are correct then you’ll be able to stack both discounts and catch a gem!

Click here to check the official Dyson site


Click here to check the official Dyson eBay outlet

(Check below for how you could potentially get an additional discount!)

The Dyson eBay outlet often has a discount promotion running, unlike normal eBay codes, these are usually not capped to a certain amount so if they are offering 15% off, it won’t be capped to £75 for example!


Click here to check the promotion section

If Dyson are currently running a promotion on their refurbished products, you’ll be able to get a further discount

Whilst checking this section, see if the top of the eBay page has a code running, these tend to go live every 2-3 weeks with varying discount percentages however they all stack on top of the usual Dyson discount!

(Previous example of a code – not currently live)

Once you’ve checked for the price of the product that you are looking for – compare it with the previous prices that we’ve posted on our X and Instagram accounts:

If the prices aren’t within the ranges shown below then it might be worth waiting and staying tuned to our social media accounts to see when the next code will go live

  • March 2024
  • AirWrap: £279.99
  • February 2024
  • AirWrap: £271.99
  • Supersonic Hair Dryer: £190
  • Hot & Cool Fan: £190
  • January 2024
  • AirWrap: £279.99
  • Cyclone Vacuum: £258.39