Get 9 Dishwasher or Laundry tablets for just £1

smol laundry

Smol is an eco-friendly subscription dedicated to your cleaning needs with a mission to end single-use plastic.

The products are all packaged sustainably and their 24-pack laundry option costs just £5.80, with the subscription automatically renewing depending on how often you put the washing in.

We will, however, be taking advantage of the ‘free’ trial offered – the only catch to this is the requirement for you to pay £1 for delivery.

How do claim your £1 Laundry or Dishwasher:

Head to the Smol website to claim the trial to add to your account. Pick your item and continue with the trial, you could even choose a multi-purpose spray for £1.


‘FREE’ Smol Trial (Pay £1 Shipping)

£7.99/month after 30 days. Renews automatically. See here for eligibility.

Once you’ve added the trial, to the cart you should see this in your cart.

You can now sit and wait for your ‘free’ product to arrive 🙂

How to cancel your audible trial

If you don’t wish to be charged for the product after your trial is over, you can follow the steps below to cancel the trial before you get charged.

  1. Visit your account page:

2. Go to ‘Manage Plans’ and you can either pause your plan for a number of months or it will give you the option to cancel.

3. Click here to email Smol to cancel your order and be sure to include your order number. Leave plenty of time before the trial ends to do this!